I love killing chickens in Rogue Sphere

Another Japanese game over at Unity Room caught my eye. This one is Rogue Sphere from NinaLabo. I played the WebGL version, but there is also a version available at Google Play. This little rogue-like game took nearly an hour away from me this morning, even though I can understand a fraction of the instructions and game text.

I believe I’m supposed to make onigiri for him, but I apparently ate it myself.

The navigation is app-based, so there are no WASD or arrow controls, but that process became pretty bearable especially as you move from area to area – your character sprints through those passages. Each level has roughly four areas and after clearing the level of monsters – chickens, bats, snakes, blobs – you head to the stairs to take on the next level. Eventually when you clear you end up in a small town. The town boasts a modest shop where you can accidentally sell your shied because your Japanese is so terrible. You can buy food there too.

These are glowing plants of unknown (to me) purpose. They may be a save mechanic or they may just smell nice.

Rogue Sphere has small side quests as well, but I have no idea what they are about, save the onigiri one which, I believe, I totally failed. Language barrier aside, the game is quite fun, the tiny death squawks of the chickens making me laugh each and every time.

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