The Quiet Beauty of A Raven Monologue


It’s not a game. You’re objective is to listen, not necessarily to dialog (there is none, though there is a wonderfully mournful song that plays while you watch. “A Raven Monologue” by Mojiken Studio is, per the description at “a short experimental silent story about a raven that does not know how to croak and his relationship with the people in the town.” The illustrations are masterful, part art deco, part Edward Gorey (my art critique game is weak) and compelling. The song by Christabel Annora is haunting and well-suited to the muted colors and melancholy undertones of the “Monologue.” I found myself drawn into this drawn world and heartsick when I had to leave. If you find the experience as wonderful as I have, please tip the creator the $3 to get the fan pack. These image will be decorating my monitors for a while.

Rating: Buy

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