Ancient Forest Escape

This is a short but beautiful escape game. Ancient Forest gives you subtle clues to find the four keys to unlock the magic gate. Similar to Esklavos’s Paper World series, the atmospheric background music and visuals hide the fact the game is so short. I’ve included a walkthrough below the picture if you need help, or, smartypants, try it on your own.

Ancient Forest is Ancient
Ancient Forest is Ancient

Ancient Forest Walkthrough:

  1. Go to the Right Screen and pick up the Stick and the Knife (click on the bag on the ground). The big, bad spider is preventing you from doing more. With the Knife, grab the Flower (bottom left).
  2. Go the Left Screen and read the inscription on the top right stone: “Flowers for the ghosts, roots for the dead, poison for the living beings… And burn!” Well, you’ve already got the Flower, so place it into the bowl.
  3. Cut the string on the left stone with your Knife and get the Cloth. Combine the Cloth and the Stick to get an unlit Torch.
  4. Go back to the Center Screen and click on the lamp to light your Torch 
  5. Now, scare that bad spider away in the Right Screen. Now you can access the rest of the items on this screen (but not the bag, it will just twitch when you click it, you can’t pick it up.)
  6. Grab the Shovel, the Urn and read the note on the pillar, it gives you a leafy pattern for a puzzle in the Center Screen, so let’s do it.
  7. In the Center Screen, click on the branches on the right corner and see the “pipe” puzzle. When rotating the angles, you will find that after one rotation, the branches will turn straight and then back to the angle again. Reproduce the pattern on the note and receive the White Key.
  8. Let’s head back to the Left Screen. Now, use your mighty Shovel and dig up that obviously pink mound of dirt. Congrats! Now you have a Root. Add it to the Bowl.
  9. All you need is the poison. One of those mushrooms is not like the other. Using your Knife, cut it loose and add it to the Bowl.
  10. Remember the inscription said “…And Burn!” Well, you’ve got a Torch, don’t you? Congrats! You’ve got the Yellow Key. But we’re not done here yet.
  11. Click on the Crystal in the middle of the circle of stones and read: “Deep in the crystal, a voice says: Look at me…” Well, someone needs attention, don’t they. Now that you have those handy, glowing symbols on the four stones, change each one to an Eye and, tada, the Red Key is now yours.
  12. But what about this Urn, you ask? Well, seems that the demons are on the loose. Have you been noticing those scary, glowing eyes watching you from the background? Click on them (one in each screen) and you’ll fill the urn. Put the urn back on the pillar in the Right Screen and you’ll earn (or urn) you the Blue Key.
  13. Now use your keys in the Center Screen and you’re out!

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